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Packaging plays a big part in all our lives. We handle it every day, but usually give more thought to the contents than to the packaging itself.

Most of us rarely consider that packaging has to fulfil a variety of important tasks; it has to attract, inform, enable transport, preserve, and facilitate in various ways. And that sometimes, packaging must meet tougher requirements with regard to the environment, recycling and sustainability than the actual contents.
All of which contributes to making packaging the concern of everybody, and not just of packaging manufacturers and their customers.

The packaging industry reflects an impressive wealth of know-how and a worthy record of innovative responses to the demands of governments and consumers.

This know-how is rarely highlighted in the same way as in many other industries. As a result, there is a huge amount of information of a general nature to offer - not just to the industry, itself, but also to the world at large.

Properly presented, this information can raise awareness of the importance of packaging, and thus benefit the market and profitability. This is where Scanpack plays an important role as the natural and most important meeting place for the packaging industry in Scandinavia. A meeting place for an industry and its products that, although they are sometimes overlooked, are a vital part of modern life.

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