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    ProMat is the leading event for material handling and logistics of its kind in North and South America, bringing solution providers together with some of the highest profile buyers in the manufacturing and supply chain world.

    ProMat is the material handling and logistics industry’s premier global event. It’s where 50,000 manufacturing and supply chain buyers from 145 countries come to power up with next-generation technology and bold ideas. It’s where $60 billion of purchasing power comes to learn, engage and see the best equipment and IT solutions the industry has to offer.

    Promat 2021 by MHI


    ProMat 2021, held April 12-15, 2021 at Chicago’s McCormick Place, is the largest expo for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North and South America. ProMat provides attendees access to the latest material handling and logistics equipment and technologies. You can register to attend for free by completing a brief online form.


    1,000 exhibitors from industry, commerce and government will display their supply chain solutions and innovations on the 440,000 square foot show floor.

    Material Handling Equipment and Systems: Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems, Casters/Wheels/Tires, Hydraulic and Electrical Components and Controls, Robots, Personnel/Burden Carriers, Racks, Forklifts, Batteries, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Unit Handling Systems, Conveyors and Sortation Equipment, Ergonomic and Safety Equipment, Scissor Lifts, Order Picking, Carousels, Modular Drawer Storage, Tool Handling, Shelving and Workstations.

    Packaging, Containers, and Shipping Equipment: Box and Carton Makers, Packaging Machinery, Stretch Wrapping, Shrink Wrapping, Inspection of Products by Weight or Scanning, Pallets, Wire Baskets, Plastic and Metal Containers, Palletizing Equipment.

    Inventory Management and Controlling Technologies: Computers, Controllers, Software Programs, Systems Integrators, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Warehouse Management Systems, Supply Chain and Logistics Execution Systems, Wireless and Remote Control Systems, Order Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning and Transportation Management Systems.

    Dock and Warehouse Equipment and Supplies: Dock Levelers, Dock Pads, Doors, Forklift Trucks, Racks, Flooring, Handling Systems, Forklift Attachments, Conveyors, Hoists, Cranes, Monorails, Below/Hook Lifting Devices. Consultants and Distribution System Planners: Simulators, Modelers, System Designers, Distribution Consultants, Reverse Logistics and Third Party Logistics.

    Automatic Identification Equipment and Systems: Bar Code Printers and Scanners, Vision Systems, Voice Recognition Systems, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems, Systems Integrators.

    Supply Chain Management: Alternative Fuel Systems, Parcel Management and Distribution, Reverse Logistics, Third Party Logistics, Supply Chain and Logistics Execution Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning and Transportation Management Systems, Inventory Security Services.

    Sustainability Solutions: Alternative and Renewable energy and Fuel systems, Recyclable and Returnable Packaging and Shipping Materials, Energy Efficient Lighting, High Volume/Low Speed (HVLS) Fans, Energy Efficient Equipment and Sensors, Daylighting Technologies, Sustainable Facility Planning, Power Regeneration Technologies

    Robotics & Automated Solutions: Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems, Robotics, Automatic Guided Carts, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Goods to Person Systems, Articulated Robotic Arms, Driverless Trucks, Delivery and Inventory Drones, Automated Cranes.


    The ProMat Conference will include over 140 sessions and bring together leading experts from the industry to give you the latest information on manufacturing and supply chain trends, technologies and innovations. The conference also includes valuable opportunities to network with your peers, including:

    •  Show floor seminars that complement the solutions you see on the exhibit floor
    •  Keynotes on leading supply chain topics
    •  Opportunities for networking with solution providers and other industry professionals

    The College Industry Council on Material Handling Education (CICMHE) and the Career & Technical Education Program (CTE) are partnering with MHEDA to host Material Handling & Logistics Student Days. Students, professors, and educators, from universities, community colleges and select technical High Schools from across the region are invited to the show in an effort to learn more about material handling, logistics and supply chain solutions.


    If you are involved in manufacturing, distribution and the supply chain you will benefit from meeting with other professionals in your field on the show floor. Attendees include:

    •  C-level and VP-level manufacturing, distribution, logistics and supply chain executives
    •  Manufacturing and production managers
    •  Industrial, plant and manufacturing engineers
    •  IT, logistics and supply chain directors
    •  Third-party logistics professionals
    •  Distribution center and warehousing managers
    •  Procurement professionals



    ProMat attracts visitors from over 140 countries. As an international visitor to ProMat 2021, a number of services will be available to you at the ProMat International Visitors Center to make your visit a more productive and rewarding experience.


    High competition in the e-commerce industry has led to increased demand for speed, accuracy and efficiency in supply chain operations. As a result, 53 percent of ProMat attendees are looking for robotics and automation solutions for their warehouse and distribution center operations as a means to reduce operational and logistical costs and to save on delivery time in this hyper-competitive business environment.

    To meet this need, ProMat 2021, held April 12-15, will feature a new Robotics & Automation Solution Center in the North Hall of McCormick Place. From AS/RS and G2P to AGVs and AGCs to autonomous mobile robots and articulated robotic arms, this new Solution Center will showcase how these solutions play a vital role in improving receiving, storage, assembly, picking, sortation, packing and shipping operations

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