About Qimarox 

Qimarox is a leading manufacturer of components for material handling systems. As a manufacturer of palletizers, vertical conveyors, pallet lifts, packaging machines and protective barriers, among others, Qimarox stands out for its vision and contemporary approach, where innovation, quality and added value are fundamental. 


Qimarox was created out of Nedpack, founded in 1995 by Pieter Hannessen. From the beginning, Nedpack has focused on the production of palletizers and product elevators for final packaging systems. The years of experience of this company and its continuous development have led to the production of modular machines, standard components, which today are supplied to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and to system integrators worldwide. In 2012, this component division was separated from Nedpack and transferred to Qimarox, to allow further development of the design, production and supply of these components. 

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Qimarox aspires to gain market leadership in supplying components for material handling systems to OEMs and system integrators, offering the best performance, reduction in integration costs and the best assistance to end users. 


The market for material handling systems requires high performance components with reduced price and modularity, multifunctional and durable. 

Our team

Qimarox is made up of a team of highly qualified employees. Its permanent dedication to the customer allows Qimarox to maintain and continue to expand its leadership position in the market. 

Our customers

Qimarox currently supplies more than two hundred system partners worldwide, operating in a variety of sectors such as logistics, machine building and the construction of transport and final packaging systems. Consult our reference page to find out more about who are the end users who adopt our components.

Two presences

Qimarox is based in Harderwijk, located in the central part of the Netherlands. Since 2011, Nedpack is also present in the United States, to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of the North American market.


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Qimarox BV Headquarters Nobelstraat
NL-3846 CE Harderwijk

Tel. +31 (0) 341 43 67 00
Fax +31 (0) 341 43 67 01

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